That’ll be $60,000

Behold the technology employed at hundreds of checkpoints in Iraq to detect car bombs:

ATSC Ltd. makes these for $250 and sells them for up to $60,000! For 60 grand they better detect people thinking about car bombs.  Turns out they work about as well as dowsing rods.  The poor Iraqis bought 1,500 of these lemons and after a series of deadly bombings they are starting to get a serious case of buyer’s remorse.

What kind of people can produce crap like this knowing people’s live will be lost because they wanted to make an easy buck? Totally unconscionable.

One thought on “That’ll be $60,000

  1. Where’s a link to the fuller story? Links are essential in blogging. I clicked on thinking and $60,000 but didn’t get a response.


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