Paul Tops Poll

My man Ron Paul came out on top of the presidential straw poll of the Conservative Political Action Conference.  Understandably the media is calling Paul being the top candidate “surprising”.  This is the same Ron Paul that calls for abolishing the Fed.  Not exactly mainstream stuff.

Ron Paul is credited by many for creating the Tea Party movement.  If that is the case, the Tea Party movement is not going anywhere.  To this point the GOP has mainly tried to distance itself from the the Tea Party movement- this is clear indication they must embrace it.

However,  Paul is a libertarian.  He says all the time Republicanism today is nothing like what it used to be. He wants to legalize marijuana. He has called for immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq for years, famously acquainting Rudy Guiliani with some facts in a 2008 presidential debate…

In other words, if Ron Paul is winning presidential straw polls, then everybody in Washington is out of touch with the people. The people are tired of greedy fatcats being bailed out, but they’re also tired of soaring health care costs and the Republicans who hold up reform simply to be disagreeable.

The two-party system is broken, or more accurately it was a stupid idea from the start. Democracy should be something more than having a “choice” between two blood relative, Skull & Bones, super-rich Harvard grads.  It should be grassroots like Obama’s support in 2008, only for real change, for once.

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