9/11 not going away

Credit Jesse Ventura for bringing this discussion back to the public arena.  His Dec. 2009 episode of “Conspiracy Theory” dealt with the events of Sept. 11, investigating such aspects as the miraculous disappearance of all four black boxes, and the fact that Building 7 collapsed without having been hit by a plane.  Probably the biggest revelation from the show was Ventura’s interview with one of the clean-up workers, Nicholas Demasi, who claimed to have personally seen at least one of the black boxes being recovered:

Now a group of architects and engineers is calling for another investigation of the towers’ collapses.

The truth will out.

2 thoughts on “9/11 not going away

  1. Jared,

    You’re not taking this stuff seriously, are you? These guys are hustling viewers on tv. Remember, Jesse Ventura was a wrestler. He’s used to staging stuff…This stuff could be everywhere….

    And so is b.s….


    • While I do take it very seriously, the bigger issue is that a majority of Americans do not believe the official government account. In 2006 only 16% of Americans believed President Bush completely told the truth: http://www.angus-reid.com/polls/view/13469

      B.S. or not, the real issue is that in a supposed democracy with a supposedly free press, so many people could be distrustful of their own government.

      And yes, Jesse Ventura was a wrestler. He was also a governor. Whatever we may think of his intellectual or political prowess, a significant number of people believed him fit to run their state. Again, the bigger issue is the public sentiment.

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